My girl wants to fight her own battles

I totally LOVE this blog and wait eagerly for each post! ❤

I’m cheering for YOU and M.! (((squishy hugs and happy dancing)))


We went to my sister’s house this weekend for the day.  M. spent the afternoon running around with her cousin, A., who is six years old – one year older than M.

As we were leaving, my sister told me that the kids had been fighting in the backyard.  She said that A. had called M. by her old “boy” name, X., and that M. had started crying. “A. said he was sorry,” my sister said.

In the car on the way home, I asked M. about it – sideways. “Did you have fun with A.?”

“Not really. He wasn’t very nice.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.  Are you angry at him?”

“No, but sometimes… I find him very hard to love.” (She really did say that! I swear! Not sure where my kid comes up with this stuff sometimes.)

“Did he do something you didn’t like?”

“No.” Pause…

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