Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”

Nikola Tesla was and still is a true genius. He still teaches us to this day.

The Whispering Crane Institute

Nikolas Tesla Nikolas Tesla

Designer, creator, inventor, problem solver, solution finder, all of those/us, and even more, can find great inspiration in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. We aren’t the genius he is-me especially, but there is a kernel of truth, or two, for all of us to take away.

It’s absolutely amazing to try and comprehend the power and genius of Tesla. Even more so when you find out he had very few notes on anything. His mind would go to work and the ideas would apparently ferment and then come to life in experimentation and application. No idea was too crazy-apparently.

I meant to post this yesterday but I went a little deeper than I thought I would, and kept finding even more interesting stuff and pics. I even put together a few photo essays over on my Tumblr, what a great vehicle for visual blogging by…

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