Vegan spelt pecan pie!

OK… dream come true in this recipe! YES! ❤

Sophie's Foodie Files


This morning, I made my first invented pecan pie! I saw many unhealthy recipes on the internet & on other blogs so I tried to make it much healthier & I think I succeeded! The only not so healthy ingredient in here is vegan butter! ;) This is a pure sweeter indulgent of a fine dessert, something new in flavors for Peter & me! I didn’t make it too sweet. I don’t like my tarts to be too sweet. Instead of corn syrup I used maple syrup, grade C!

The next time, I will make it into a tartlet tin with loose bottom, much easier in getting the pie aka tart out of the pan!


Make this fantastic delicious vegan spelt pecan pie right now!

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2 thoughts on “Vegan spelt pecan pie!

  1. Life Diet Health says:

    Hello :) I’ve been sitting inventing a pecan pie recipe this afternoon and little did I know that Sophie already made one! Lol :P (thanks Sophie). Some ingredients are the same, but I have a few different ones too! Hmmm… this one or mine… maybe both?! :P :)


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