CCEE 2016 Rocks!

We’ve been working the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, and it’s been awesome! We usually go as a family as fans, but this is our first year representing Veggiewitch. It’s great!

If you’re in Calgary, pop by our booth in the Big Four at BF5020. Tomorrow is the last day until next year. ❤️


Psych Tip #1

I’m starting a new category for the heck of it – Psychology Tips.

My Psychology Tip for today, April 25, 2016, is this:

When someone breaks up a sentence to you with the word “but,” pay very close attention to what comes after, because it’s what they really mean.

For instance: “I’m trying to have compassion and I’m trying to be understanding, but what you have going on at home isn’t an issue here and I don’t care.” (This disgusting bile spilled from the  filthy mouth of an awful human masquerading as a manager in a health food store in Calgary. She spoke these words to my daughter a few days after my daughter had to come home from work and care for her sisters while I was in hospital with my Mum. Shocking? I agree.)

Some people work very hard to keep facades up to prevent their peers and colleagues from seeing who they really are. It’s more difficult to keep our words from revealing our true intent, as well as the body language we often look beyond due to our own state of mind or insecurities.

We all have intuition and it often screams at us about certain people and situations, while other times it gently taps at the inside of our heads.

Always listen to your gut.

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