Classin’ up the good ole mayo

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Conveniently Vegan

Hey hey, happy Friday! On this glorious day, I have decided that it’s the time to share my garlicky basil mayo medley/concoction/dip/combo. It uses Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, and a few other ingredients that you almost definitely already have in the kitchen!

Have you guys tried Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo yet? It’s a godsend. I have tried other vegan mayo and they just don’t hold a nice consistency when mixed with lemon juice. (Something that I oddly seem to do with all the mayo that I use?) Plus who heard about their badass lawsuit? Hampton Creek not only won, but also influenced Hellmann’s to make their own vegan mayo because of how successful Hampton Creek’s is! Prettyyyy crazy if you ask me, now that’s the type of company I want to buy my mayo from!IMG_3501

I once made my dad a tofu dish with this mayo recipe as a side dip sort of thing, and he…

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