Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 5

Now things are getting interesting!

The sum to spend is $2500:

$65 – Billie Piper (Doctor Who)

$50 – Clive Standen (Vikings)

$40 – Finn Jones (GoT)

$50 – Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter)

$65 – John Barrowman (Doctor Who)

$65 – Karl Urban (LOTR – Two Towers)

$60 – Peter Mayhew (Star Wars)

$80 – Tom Felton (Harry Potter)

$65 – Alan Tudyk (Firefly)

$100 – Stan Lee (Comics of Pure Awesome)

$140 – Harry Potter Duo (Jason Isaacs & Tom Felton)

$150 – Doctor Who Duo (John Barrowman & Billie Piper)

$600 – Autographs

$600 – Spending Cash for 4-Days of Expo

$370 – Eating Expenses for 4-Days of Expo


∴ I am so excited for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo coming up at the end of April. My ghouls are totally looking forward to it, too! If I had an extra $2500 laying around right now and price was no object, I’d put it all into photo ops and autographs for memories our family will love.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

| Photo via Calgary Expo |

| Photo via Calgary Expo |

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