Can Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism?

The more information that comes out about vaccines proving how “unavoidably unsafe” they are, the more there is push back from “media” outlets. Let’s get this perfectly clear, the “media” are ON THE PAYROLL of the pharmaceutical industry. Let that sink in for a while. Now ask yourself how reliable someone is who gets paid to say something proven in US Supreme Court to be “unavoidably unsafe” is actually safe? You can’t trust that person, because they are being paid to lie. Period.

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Can aluminum adjuvants in vaccines cause autism? Is there a link between autism and aluminum?

The CDC made their claim that vaccines don’t cause autism decades ago and shut the door to more research. Yet, independent research on vaccines and vaccine ingredients is ongoing.

As a toxicologist and a mother of a child who was developmentally delayed and exhibited all the signs and symptoms of autism, this issue has been deeply important to me to consider in my own research.

This is what I’ve found:

👉🏻 Autistic children are known to accumulate/harbor aluminum. One study found enormously high levels of aluminum in the brains of individuals who died with autism. (We also know that this happens with individuals who die with Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease.)

👉🏻 Another study found that 98% of autistic individuals have at least one MTHFR mutation – which means they struggle to detoxify and eliminate neurotoxic…

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