This whole “Inspired to Abundance” adventure is proving to be so much fun! I love that as the sums get larger, I must be more creative to imagine ways in which I would actually and realistically spend that much. This is great! Stay tuned for how the remaining sums will be allocated by myself and Family.

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Getting on the road and ready to go!

The sum to spend is $25,000:

$17,000 – Used Car in Excellent Condition

$6,000 – Insurance for 1 Year as a New Driver

$2,000 – Gas Card


∴ With a bonus sum of $25,000 at the ready, I would get a used car that was in excellent condition, cover my insurance for a year, and get a hand dandy gas card to make the tootling around with my Family possible. Woot!

Inspired to Abundance Exercise  ♥

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All the places we would go!

The sum to spend is $10,000:

$5,000 – Trip to Niagara Falls, ON., for 4 (Includes: airfare, hotel, and spending cash)

$5,000 – Trip to Victoria, BC, for 4 (Includes: airfare, hotel, and spending cash)


∴ With an extra $10,000 laying around, I would take my family to two of the places in Canada that we’d very much like to visit. Niagara Falls, Ontario, because my Mister has family out there he hasn’t seen for quite some time, and Victoria, BC, for myself and for the same reason.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise  ♥


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Dreamscapes Revisited

Sands of Memory

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I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately. Some of them have been familiar, but with a new twist, kind of “recycled dreams,” kwim? It’s probably got something to do with being extra-tired after working closing shifts, and pure exhaustion taking over in my subconscious, sleeping brain. They’re not bad dreams at all, just odd. I suspect my overly tired grey matter is “recycling” previous pleasant dreams to calm my mind. I’m glad for it, because revisiting those dreamscapes helps me see them from a different angle, and maybe catch things I’ve missed, or see things that were not there the first time around.

Tell me about your dreamscapes revisited?