This whole “Inspired to Abundance” adventure is proving to be so much fun! I love that as the sums get larger, I must be more creative to imagine ways in which I would actually and realistically spend that much. This is great! Stay tuned for how the remaining sums will be allocated by myself and Family.

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There are so many places to see! 

The sum to spend is $50,000:

$18,500 – Return Airfare to Udaipur, India, for 8 People

$2,500 – Villa Rental for a Month

$21,000 – Food, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Transportation, Tips, Etc.


With a bonus sum of $50,000 at the ready, I would take my whole Family to Udaipur, India, for a month, with the intention of visiting the Kumbhalgarh Ruins and see the Great Wall of India. There are so many places I want to see, and India is one of them.

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All the places we would go!

The sum to spend is $10,000:

$5,000 – Trip to Niagara Falls, ON., for 4 (Includes: airfare, hotel, and spending cash)

$5,000 – Trip to Victoria, BC, for 4 (Includes: airfare, hotel, and spending cash)


∴ With an extra $10,000 laying around, I would take my family to two of the places in Canada that we’d very much like to visit. Niagara Falls, Ontario, because my Mister has family out there he hasn’t seen for quite some time, and Victoria, BC, for myself and for the same reason.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise  ♥


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Russell Brand

Russell Brand

With all the hubbub over the last month (Summer winding down, running around, back to school, family stuff, etc.), I neglected to mention that my middle Elfling and I caught the Messiah Complex show Russell Brand did on August 23, here in Calgary. It was phenomenal and brilliant. He’s very bright, ridiculously clever, terribly roguish, and made some excellent points. If you haven’t seen it yet, or you aren’t/weren’t able to make the show, Youtube it. It’s really good. :0)

Russell Brand

We were this close, 4th row and center from the stage. My middle Elfling almost had a fit when she saw our seats! It was an awesome night for both of us.