Have I Fallen Off the Earth?


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Apparently, this is how my blogging career has gone, I vacillate between periods of boundless creativity and barren dry-spells. Ugh! The Holidays and Yule have come and gone, the New Year entered peacefully, and now I’m nearing the end of January with nary a post. Although it feels like it on many levels to me, I have not fallen off the Earth. ;0)

I’ll be around. ❤


Incidentally, today I have also managed 500 followers on Veggiewitch. Woot! :0)

Woot! WP Anniversary Today!

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I’m so excited! I had a notification from WP that it’s my anniversary on WordPress today! So very exciting!

This is the super-cute little graphic!

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It’s kind of short notice and everything, and I’ve totally found myself without sufficient time to make a proper cake to celebrate, but if I’d had the time, I’d have made a happy, rainbow cake. Here, have a virtual piece of cake. ❤