Day 27 ~ Post My Fave Recipe


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Day 27 ~ Post my fave recipe:

My favourite recipe is definitely my Cocoa Mocha Quenelles recipe. They’re rich and chocolate-y and oh so yummy. ❤

Cocoa-Mocha Quenelles - Redux

Every once in a while I like to re-visit my favourite recipes, and give them a little tweak. My latest recipe to receive an adjustment is my Cocoa-Mocha Quenelles recipe. I originally shared it on April 3, 2012, in a post called “Come to the Dark Side – We have Cookies! Cocoa-Mocha Quenelles.” My Elflings ask me to make these cookies if I haven’t made them for a while, and remind me exactly how long it’s been since I’d made them last. Their epic mathiness is well-played in this respect. So, without further ado, I will get to the redux aspect of our favourite recipe. ;0)

Cocoa-Mocha Quenelles – Redux
2 C unbleached flour* (wheat, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc)
1 tsp baking powder*
1 tsp sea salt
2 Tbsp cocoa*
1 Tbsp cornstarch*
1 C butter* 
¾ C brown sugar*
½ C sugar*
3 tsp En-R-G egg replacer
8 Tbsp strong decaf coffee* (or caffeinated, your choice)
2 tsp vanilla* extract
* = Organic

 Preheat oven to 375°F/190°C/Gas Mark 5. Add flour, baking powder, salt, cocoa, and cornstarch to a medium-sized bowl. Stir with a whisk to blend, and set aside. In a larger bowl, cream together the butter and sugars until fluffy. Blend in egg replacer, coffee, and vanilla. Stir in flour mixture until well-blended. drop by teaspoonful (or shape into elegant quenelles) onto an un-greased cookie sheet, about 1″ apart. Bake for 8 minutes, or until lightly browned. Makes approximately 3 dozen. Enjoy! ❤

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Day 26 ~ An Old Photo of Me

My Opa and I - Spring 1974

This photo is of me and my maternal Opa/Granddad – Spring 1974

Day 26 ~ An old photo of me:

Once again, here is that photo of myself and my Opa from when I was 18-months old. Seeing as I’m 41, this photo qualifies as old. ;0)

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Day 25 ~ Minimum of 5 Favourite Blogs


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Day 25 ~ Minimum of 5 favourite blogs:

  1. Summer Solstice Musings
  2. A Small Press Life
  3. Doggy’s Style
  4. Pasta For One
  5. The Outlier Collective
  6. Northier Than Thou
  7. Naked Beauty Blog
  8. Megawitch
  9. Meizac
  10. A Clown on Fire
  11. Sophie’s Foodie Files
  12. There are just so freaking many blogs I love and stalk, I can’t possibly name them all for fear that I’ll leave out a bunch. If your name is not listed above, please don’t fret. I still love you lots and lots. ♥

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