Deodorant Scents for the Holidays

Deo Trio

While making a batch of my cream deodorant this past weekend, I decided to “play” with some of my organic, scented/flavoured oils (not my organic EOs, these are designed for scenting soaps and lip balms, etc.), and whipped-up a few “holiday” scents. I came up with: Pumpkin Chai (this one smells similar to the Starbucks Pumpkin Chai Latte; I’ve been told it’s reminiscent of spiced rice pudding with warm soy milk; it’s yummy!); Maple Sugar (this one is a creamy-sweet, with a subtle maple scent); Caramel Banana (this one is a creamy, vanilla-caramel, with an authentic, subtle banana note); Gingerbread (this one smells like gingerbread cookie dough, and my Elflings are in love with it!). Honestly, it’s a lot of fun making these deodorant creams, and I love to switch it up a bit by making seasonal scents. It keeps things interesting. ♥

All of my organic, cream deodorants can be found here: Veggiewitch on Etsy


Fruitsicles ♥


I made these yummy Fruitsicles this weekend with my Elflings. They were super-yummy, and very easy. I think we could have left them in the freezer for a little bit longer, but we were so excited to eat them, we couldn’t wait. ;0)

I just used a mango, a couple of carrots, a pineapple wedge, and 2 bananas. The carrots and pineapple I processed through my juicer, but the mango and banana pieces I whizzed-up with the hand blender. =0)

The simplest of tools: fruit and veg puree, empty popsicle form, and some popsicle sticks.

All filled and ready for the freezer, with a little glass left-over for sharing.

Bunny Juice & Bananas

We got our juicer yesterday, the Omega BMJ330, and the food dehydrator. They’re both awesome! I put through a combination of carrots, red beets and an apple for a deliciously-vibrant, red concoction that we all loved. It was wonderful!

Before we went to bed, my 13-year old Elfling helped me peel 7 bananas for dehydrating. We broke them in half, then separated each half into their three individual segments. We laid each segment onto the drying sheets, turned the dehydrator on to 135°F, then went to bed. This morning the bananas were all dried and looked like little grey, chewy sticks. Yummy! They’re super-sweet and a perfect little snack treat. I can’t wait to make more and experiment with other fruits, veg and herbs.