Day 15 ~ An Average Day

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Day 15 ~ An average day:

My day begins around 07:55, when I wake to give my Mom her 08:00 medicine. I sometimes have to fight the urge to crawl back into bed, and there are days I can’t resist. Once I’m up, I grab a glass of water with juiced grapefruit and lemon, then a few pieces of fruit (a peach and/or an apricot, usually). After this, I do my 15-minute yoga routine, and follow with my run/walk. Once I’m home, I get breakfast ready for my Mom and Elflings. Then I shower, shower my Mom, then my Elflings, and we all get ready. If we have to do any running around, we do that, otherwise we take my Mom for a walk, or play things by ear based on what she feels like doing. At 12:00, I/we give my Mom her medicine, and start making lunch. I may have some of what I make (especially pea butter and jam – YUM-OH!), but I prefer fresh fruit and veg and a glass of Mean Green Juice. In the afternoon, I sit before my laptop with another glass of Mean Green, and tease a blog post or two out of my brain. If I’m really lucky, I might even have an idea blossom for the book I’d eventually love to write. At 16:00, I/we give my Mom her medicine, and start figuring out what’s for supper (sometimes, I need more time/motivation to come up with an idea, but not everyday). My Mister comes home around 17:00, and we help each other with supper prep (he unloads the dishwasher and we chat while supper comes together). I eat with my family, and have a another glass of Mean Green. After supper, I load the dishwasher, run it, make another batch of Mean Green juice, and tidy up. At 20:00, I/we give my Mom her last dose of the day, and we wind down. Around 21:00, my Mom goes to bed and we all tuck her in. After this, I’ll normally sip my last glass of Mean Green for the day, and knit while my Mister and I cuddle on the couch to watch an episode of Dexter, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, X-Files, or an interesting movie. Somewhere between 23:30 to 01:00, I finally decide to go to bed (I know, I’m a glutton for punishment). At 07:55, my day begins again.

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Day 14 ~ If I won the lottery…

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Day 14 ~ If I won the lottery…:

There are so many things I would do if I won the lottery, but the first thing I would have to do is actually play the lottery. Regardless, this post is not about whether I play, but rather what if I won. I would look into relocating, first of all, and seek a country with more stable weather (by this, I mean: more sun, less snow, and more temperate climate) than here in Calgary, and where marijuana is legal (to alleviate my mother’s Parkinson’s symptoms). I would ensure that my children and theirs would be taken care of and have access to the best post-secondary education available. I would also travel to every single place on my baby bucket list (France, UK, Eire, Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, the rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Asia, etc.), and see everything I’ve ever wanted or needed to see. I would help friends and family where I could, without allowing myself to be used and taken advantage of. Then, I would cover my entire body in ink! ♥

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