Inspired to Abundance 2014

Almost 1 year ago I was inspired to do an Exercise in Abundance, utilizing the Laws of Attraction, after reading a blog post by Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I didn’t get very far last year, so I am going to redo the exercise. Are you with me? This is going to fun!

The original post I had shared on April 9, 2013, is as follows:

Yesterday, as I read through the “Writing Yourself into Abundance” post by Cauldrons and Cupcakes, I decided it would be super-fun to give it a shot. The last time I had heaps of fun making plans for money I didn’t have was when I was much, much younger.

The exercise is simple: (from Cauldrons and Cupcakes)

…start at the smallest amount of money, and spend the lot.  You can spend more than one amount of money at a time, but you must spend in order: ie Cash Sum 1, Cash Sum 2, etc. You cannot move onto the next sum of money until you have completely spent the one before.

Simply write HOW you will spend the money, being as specific as you can. Feel free to get brochures or cost things out on the internet. Let your imagination go to town, and allow yourself to become emotionally involved in spending this cash!

This activity helps clear out our anxiety, fear and worry around money, and assists us to get to what we really want from life and for ourselves. Enter this activity with a spirit of adventure and curiosity. 

Pay attention to how your feelings change as you go from the smaller sums to the larger sums. Write in as much detail as possible. Really let yourself play and have fun with this. Allow yourself to get excited. Know that what you are doing is actually the Law of Attraction in action as you inform the Universe of your intentions and desires.

Get a little creative, too… even add photos!

The sums are as follows:

  1. $20
  2. $100
  3. $500
  4. $1000
  5. $2500
  6. $5000
  7. $10 000
  8. $25 000
  9. $50 000
  10. $75 000
  11. $100 000
  12. $200 000
  13. $500 000
  14. $750 000
  15. $1 000 000
  16. $5 000 000

I’m so excited to begin! ♥