One day at a time…

Me @ 40

August was super-busy. In addition to taking my Mama to hospital on August 12th, I found the time to turn 40 on the 14th. My original plan was to cancel my b-day altogether, but that just didn’t seem too possible. Basically, my Elflings refused to not let me celebrate it. Needless to say, I’ve also been terrible at keeping up with my blog and your gorgeous bloggies I follow. I’m on it, and want you to know I think about you often, even if I haven’t stopped by your bloggitty-blogs most recent entries. I’m catching-up one day at a time. ♥

Choke Cherries ♥

Choke Cherries

We were up at my mother’s house earlier this week, for an interview with an agent from Alberta Health Care to begin the application process for Assisted Living (Yay for progress!). I brought along some sandwiches and fresh lemonade to have for lunch, before the agent arrived. We really like helping out and bringing the meals I prepare and freeze for her. I’ve been bringing her frozen, portioned meals every other week for almost 2 years, because I had noticed she was getting thin due to not eating properly or often enough. It’s likely she was not remembering to eat, too. Her Parkinson’s and the meds for it are culprits, as well, but it is what it is. On the way to our visit, we noticed some gorgeous, plump choke cherries, so we nibbled on a few. On the way back, we snapped this little pic. They were super-good. ♥