Day 13 ~ My Earliest Memory

My Opa and I - Spring 1974

This photo is of me and my maternal Opa/Granddad – Spring 1974

Day 13 ~ My earliest memory:

My earliest memories are from when I was 18-months to 2-years old.

The first is me crawling into the kitchen while my mother was making supper. I was thirsty, and my mother needed me to wait until she was finished to help me. I was sitting by the fridge. It was a big, old, thing, too hard for me to manage. So, when next my mother opened it, I decided to climb up the racks to the milk I had wanted. Things didn’t go as planned, and two of the racks I was clinging to slid out with all their contents on top of me. I received a gash on my upper, left forearm from a pickle jar that smashed. I remember crying from fear, pain, disappointment, and remorse. My mother picked me up and carried me to the main bathroom. The walls and lights were yellow in there. My father’s face was a mix of shock and cross. The blood streamed down my left arm as my mother rinsed the cut. I never did that again.

The second is me sitting in the middle of the couch in the living room of that same house. I was scanning the floor and sitting very still, because my father was looking for a snake that had managed to get loose. I was terrified.

The third memory is of me squeaking the silly dolly pictured above with me and my maternal Opa.

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Day 12 ~ What’s In My Fridge?

In My Fridge

Day 12 ~ What’s in my fridge?:

I have many of the same things in my fridge as you all have in yours, like: milks (mine are all soy, almond or coconut); soy sauce; ACV (apple cider vinegar); maple syrup; bread; lemons; limes; grapefruit; oranges; Daiya (vegan cheese alternative); yeast; leftovers; oils; onions; carrots; celery; kale; lettuce; broccoli; cashew “cheese” pâté; and a few other bits and bobs I haven’t mentioned. Mischief managed!

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Lunch ~ Veggiecakes

My Elflings love my “veggiecakes” when I make them, and I’m really glad. I love them, too!

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved
2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

 Really basic from our Organic Pantry: cooked brown rice, 1-2 grated carrots, 2-3 grated broccolette stalks, diced onion, substitute for or 1 egg (I used a substitute), salt and pepper to taste, EVOO for frying. Mix it all up, and drop by tablespoonful into oil over medium heat. Works awesome with quinoa, too. Use your imagination with the veg. These could very easily become our “Whatever’s-in-the-Fridge” go-to cakes any old time.

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved