I Love Sewing and Knitting! ❤

These past few weeks, in addition to working way too many shifts (at my “part-time” job… grrrrr!), I have been madly crafting some organic, bamboo velour cloth diapers for a dear friend of my eldest Elfling. It’s been awesome! :0)

I made 14 diapers for her with some of my hand-dyed organic, bamboo velour; organic, cotton velour; and two different weights of fleece (200wt Wind-Pro and fuzzy). Each diaper has an inner of luxuriously-soft, organic, bamboo velour. Yum! 

This one is my absolute favourite diaper. Squish!

I’ve also been knitting like crazy! My Elflings insist I’m a robot, because they’re certain no real human could knit as fast. I assure them I’ve seen people knit much faster than I. ;0)

This is so exciting! I have a crazy-large stash of wool that I’m finally making time to work through.

Here’s a pic of some of the set I put together.

I just adore the colorway (Deep Space by Mosaic Moon) of this set. It’s bright but gender neutral, and so cozy!

Here’s a pic of the sweet, baby boy wearing the sweater. I have permission to share this photo, and I am super-excited to show how much cuter the sweater actually looks when worn by such an adorable, little person as this wee Elfling. Awwwwwe! ❤


Natural Body Icing, 2 oz

I’m so excited about this body butter, and it came about as a way for me to help my daughter! My eldest Elfling has super-sensitive skin, but she also has some pretty questionable things in her cosmetic bag. In an effort to help her out with her dry hands and skin, yet keep it gentle, I tinkered around with some beneficial butters and oils. My first batch was a definite education, but I kept on going. The final product is a silky whip, that begins to melt on contact and leaves your skin soft and smooth, it also bears a delicious note of chocolate (from the the organic, fair-trade theobroma cacao). She loves it, and is surprisingly difficult to please (Oy vey!). My mother-in-law loves it, too! She’s been putting the cream on her face for about a week, and I can see a definite reduction in the wrinkles around her eyes, as well as restored elasticity in her cheeks. It’s super exciting! ♥

Reclaimed Denim Bags FTW ♥

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

I’m having so much fun being creative! This whole past week I was directing my creative efforts into a wonderful, re-purposing and recycling adventure in sewing. It’s been great! I also puttered around in PS5 a bit, to try and give my re-invented self a tangible image that represents me and the direction I’m going.  ♥

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This one was my second bag. I love the way it turned out!

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This Flame flannel was screaming for me. It makes me think of Mages in WoW. /giggle

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This one was a skirt that I never, ever wore. I loved the way it looked in the store, but it just sat in my drawer forever. That super-cute Winnie the Pooh ribbon was around the hem, but now it’s the strap. *happy dancing*

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

Last Summer my Elflings and I were playing with procion dyes, and we practiced with LWI (low water immersion) method on some organic cotton velour and organic bamboo/cotton velour. What you see here lining the Pooh Bag is from some of that fun.