Day 17 ~ Most Proud Moment

Evil Me

Day 17 ~ Most proud moment:

It is so hard to pick just one, because there are many accomplishments I am proud of in my life. Outside of naturally birthing two singletons and a set of twins, I am over the moon with kicking booze to the curb five-years ago, putting my life back together, eating better, eating a more plant-based diet, getting healthy, and adding actual exercise to my life. It feels absurdly awesome to feel so good. ♥

31-Day Blog Challenge


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday, and, as a result, I am officially 41. Woot! I feel better now than I did in my 20’s and 30’s combined. Thank Krom for positive realizations and eating/living healthy.

If it’s your birthday today, Happy Birthday to You, too! ♥

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic

31-Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic:

My Name is Denise, but I respond to Mom, Miss Boss, and Veggiewitch. I’m a Mother, Artist, Activist, and Champion of Freaks. My Mister and I have been eating a fruit and plant-based diet since 01/01/2012, and we are raising our children this way, too. I like challenges, and I’ll be doing this 31-Day Blog Challenge during the month of August. Care to join me? :0)

31-Day Blog Challenge