The first sum is super-easy!

The sum to spend as creatively as possible is $20:

$5 – organic, grass-fed cream, 1L (for whipping cream)

$5 – organic raspberries, 1 punnet

$5 – organic blueberries, 1 punnet

$5 – organic vanilla ice cream, 500mL tub


∴ It’s not hard at all to spend $20, so I’ve “used” it  to make sundaes for my family.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise  ♥


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Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 8

Seeing as Sum 6 went to learning to drive and a learner’s license, I’d bloody well better get a car!

The sum to spend is $25,000:

$18,000 – Used Toyota Prius (2012 or newer) in TARDIS Blue

$6,000 – 1-Year of Insurance Paid in Advance (appx. $500/month)

$1,000 – 1-Year of Gas Money (appx. $83/month)


∴  If I had an extra $50,000 laying around, I’d sink it into a decent, eco-responsible car. I’d love to have a car, honestly. I’ve “opted out” of having a car for many years, because I  really didn’t want to be part of the drain on fossil fuels. Another reason, was because I’ve been afraid of driving in a big city with so many road rules and crazy people zipping around like they’re mental. By that logical observation, I really don’t see why I shouldn’t also be zipping around, and with the many mental cases currently possessing a license and driving a car, I would very easily fit in. That, and if they can get a license, I could probably get one, too.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 3

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The sum to spend is $500:

$450 – Deadpool Knife Block

$50 – Expedited Shipping to ME


∴ If I had an extra $500 laying around, I’d source out one of these awesome Deadpool knife blocks. What a perfect place to keep my knives! Right in the head of my favourite anti-hero!

Ok, I have no idea if I could get one of these for $500 or less, but I’m shit at making things like this. Give me some yarn and I’ll knit you a suit, but that’s about as crafty as I get. I’m pretty sure I might be able to pay someone $500 to make this for me, though. *nudge nudge*

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

Best Mother’s Day Ever!

Mother’s Day Gifties

Last Sunday was the best Mother’s Day ever! My Elflings worked hard to make some really cool gifts with clay, FIMO and paint, and it all paid off. I love their creations!

Pretty Skellie

My youngest made this awesome Skellie! She loves purple, so the Skellie has a purple bow and she’s clutching a purple heart in her rib cage.

Heart Bracelet

My elder youngest (elder of the twinnigans) made this gorgeous clay bracelet with a heart, and painted it beautifully.

Little, Black Heart and a Star

My middle Elfling constructed this super-cool clay plaque with a little, black heart just for me! She also whipped-up a neat-o star with a #1 in the middle.