Knitting – Mama Vertebrae Cardigan

Mama Vertebrae Cardigan in Yoda

I’ve been knitting a Mama Vertebrae Cardigan (link goes to the pattern on Ravelry), and I’m really liking how it’s turning out. The colorway was hand-dyed by the awesome artisan behind Mosaic Moon, and is called “Yoda,” from a photo that had been submitted as inspiration. This cardigan is intended to be for a gift, but I know I’m going to have trouble parting with it. :0/

Mama Vertebrae Cardigan in Yoda

I love the cuff! Seed-stitch is one of my favourite ways to finish a garment, and the pattern shows off the colours so nicely.

Mama Vertebrae Cardigan in Yoda

Here’s my little cake of “Yoda” yarn.


Here is the inspiration photo for the colorway. ;0)

What the heck have I been doing?

Neon Fireworks Socks

Well, unpacking and knitting some lovely little socks in this Neon Fireworks colorway by Mosaic Moon, of course!

Our move on March 2 (it was supposed to be the first, but our movers screwed us – that’s another blog post!) went great! We took our time getting set-up, building furniture (this was my job, because I like to do that sort of thing – it was also creative work, as building IKEA furniture inspires me to come up with new curse words – another new blog post), and putting away our stuff. We moved my mom in on March 27, and she’s settling nicely. We’re finding a routine that works for us, and it’s just really nice knowing that she’s here, safe, and doing well. The old home she was in was pretty nice (Mom’s all-inclusive, monthly rental was $1625 for one of the smallest rooms) as far as old homes go, but the food the so-called chef was feeding the old folks should be banned! It was mostly all “white food” (refined white flours, sugars, starches, etc), and fatty or deep fried meats. Ghastly stuff! /gags and shudders

Anywho, I’m going to find my groove, and get back to keeping up with you all, and this blog that I love. ♥