Knitting Bug

I have been knitting up a storm lately, and I really like it! Mostly baby things, but that’s because they’re cute and quick to knit.

My mister is so silly, because he said it makes him nervous when I knit  baby things. LOL!

Seriously, I have no less than 6 friends who have either just had babies, or they’re newly pregnant.

I also have heaps of gorgeous colorways by Mosaic Moon in my stash, so having lovely reasons to knit garments from neglected skeins suits me just fine.

I’m so happy to have this recent knitting bug!

We went to the show!


Yesterday my mister and I took our youngest Elflings to see Despicable Me 2, and we loved it! The Minions are so adorable! I need to knit some of those little guys with the wool I have left from when I used to knit for babies. (I would also prefer to make something useful with it, rather than liquidating it.)

Purple Freak

These Purple Freaks were so awful and adorable, too! I’ll probably be knitting more Freaks than Minions, though. I promise to share them here first. ❤