Life is Beautiful!

Today I have been honoured with a Liebster Blog nod. I have been thusly honoured by the awesome blogger Clown on Fire.

This is how I feel…

Roberto Benigni’s Oscar acceptance speech flashed through my head when I heard COF had considered me for the Liebster Blog nod. I was a happy mix of totally gobsmacked and pure, unadulterated jumping-on-the-cushions-of-my-couch happy. And, just like Roberto Benigni, I do want to kiss everybody now!

There are a few Rules that come with the Lovely, Little Liebster Blog nod. They are as follows:

1. Provide a link to the blogger who gave the award.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my little, black heart Clown on Fire. You are a great blogger, activist, Super-über Dad and Wunder-Mensch!

2. Pass the award on to up to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers. Some of the blogs I follow have more than 200 followers, and since I love all the blogs I follow, it was a bit of a challenge to even begin a list. Here are the bloggers I pass the Sparkly Tiara of Liebsterness to:

  • elle’s vegan food diary – Every time I visit this blog, I’m inspired. Wonderful recipes and beautiful foodie photos. Yum!
  • i wish i were vegan – This young lady is sharing her journey to plant-based eating with lovely eloquence. Yay!
  • Laments and Lullabies – Courageous, Tender, Awesome, Wonderful, Strong, Brave, Warrior, Artist, Beautiful… Inspiring!

3. Finally, lay back and enjoy that you are loved!

I’m still pretty new around here, and without looking like a total noob, I hope I did the acceptance and passing-it-on parts properly.


Lunch ~ Veggiecakes

My Elflings love my “veggiecakes” when I make them, and I’m really glad. I love them, too!

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved
2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

 Really basic from our Organic Pantry: cooked brown rice, 1-2 grated carrots, 2-3 grated broccolette stalks, diced onion, substitute for or 1 egg (I used a substitute), salt and pepper to taste, EVOO for frying. Mix it all up, and drop by tablespoonful into oil over medium heat. Works awesome with quinoa, too. Use your imagination with the veg. These could very easily become our “Whatever’s-in-the-Fridge” go-to cakes any old time.

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved


Totally Moved

I watched “Earthlings” today. The movie is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, and the score is by Moby. There are gut-wrenching scenes in slaughter houses that expose the reality. One that is concealed for obvious reasons. I don’t know how anyone could watch this movie and NOT want to change their way of eating, thinking, BEing. My mind is blown, and I’m so glad for the adjustments we’ve made and continue to make.

It’s definitely worth watching, and is viewable directly from the main site. “Earthlings” should be mandatory viewing in schools for High School at the very least, and possibly even Middle/Junior High. Send a permission slip home just like they do for Sex Ed.



Before I even start babbling, I want to first take a moment to thank iwishiwerevegan for posting the blog entry that inspired me. Your post that mentioned “Tofu Tacos” did it, and I love it! THANK YOU! *squishy hugs*

My Elflings helped me chop/eat the yellow peppers (My youngest actually picked out the pepper at the grocery store and insisted she needed it. At $3 I’m really glad she needed it for survival. <gg>), onions, parsley, garlic, etc. They took turns adding stuff and stirring it all together, too… I need for them to know how to prepare food.

While I was setting the table, one of my Elflings tasted the tofu and asked: “Mommy, is this the tofu?”

“Yes,” I said, “that’s it.”

“It’s awesome!” she replied.

I smiled, hugged her and thought of iwishiwerevegan. =0)

2012 © copyright Oak an' Willow, all rights reserved

2012 © copyright Oak an' Willow, all rights reserved

Tofu Tacos
1 lb extra-firm tofu*
1 yellow or red pepper*, chopped
1/2 an onion*, chopped
1 large tomato*, diced
1 tsp cumin*
1 tsp chili powder*
fresh parsley*, chopped
2 cloves of garlic*, minced
1 Tbsp salsa* (mild, medium, whatever)
glug of EVOO*
salt (I used 2-3 tsp) and pepper* to taste
* = Organic
:: Saute onions in EVOO over medium heat. Add cumin and chili powder. Stir to mix. Add peppers, tomatoes and hand-crumbled tofu. Mix together and heat through. Add salsa and parsley. Mix. Add minced garlic, then season to taste. Serve with your favorite taco shell. I prefer to wrap mine in a large lettuce leaf. Enjoy!