Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Photo via Google

When I lived in Brazil, I saw a shop that carried plaques depicting people in various aspects of life. It wasn’t until I looked closer that I noticed there were wings of the blue morpho butterfly incorporated into each scene. I was only 14 at the time, but that sudden realization left me feeling sick to my stomach. I couldn’t understand how such beautiful lives could wantonly be sacrificed for cheap, tacky excuses for art. As much as I said I wouldn’t do it, I’m thinking my next tattoo will be a butterfly after all, a blue morpho, Ok, maybe not the “next” tattoo I get, but I’ll find a spot suitable for one. ;0)


Twig and Berries

Saskatoon Berries

Not that kind!

There’s a great series of pathways by where we live, and while walking through them this Summer, we found a whole whack of saskatoonberry bushes. In all honesty, I’d never had saskatoonberries before. I know, right! Where have I been? At any rate, we picked a few small bags full, and enjoyed many of them on our walk home.

Itsy, Bitsy Spider


I found this little “guy” dancing along the cotton cord supporting my peas this Summer. It’s really nice to see spiders and other beneficial critters hanging-out in a garden, it means there’s stuff for them to do and they’re doing it. My middle Elfling wasn’t too pleased to see him/her, but she’ll be ok.  ;0)


I kept watching this spider, and snapping shots. I’m loving the intricacies of this little being. Wow!


It’s super-cool to capture flora and fauna on film or in a digital format. It’s one of my favourite things to do at any given time, just snap photos and see what I can use.

These photos were taken with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS.