I Love Sewing and Knitting! ❤

These past few weeks, in addition to working way too many shifts (at my “part-time” job… grrrrr!), I have been madly crafting some organic, bamboo velour cloth diapers for a dear friend of my eldest Elfling. It’s been awesome! :0)

I made 14 diapers for her with some of my hand-dyed organic, bamboo velour; organic, cotton velour; and two different weights of fleece (200wt Wind-Pro and fuzzy). Each diaper has an inner of luxuriously-soft, organic, bamboo velour. Yum! 

This one is my absolute favourite diaper. Squish!

I’ve also been knitting like crazy! My Elflings insist I’m a robot, because they’re certain no real human could knit as fast. I assure them I’ve seen people knit much faster than I. ;0)

This is so exciting! I have a crazy-large stash of wool that I’m finally making time to work through.

Here’s a pic of some of the set I put together.

I just adore the colorway (Deep Space by Mosaic Moon) of this set. It’s bright but gender neutral, and so cozy!

Here’s a pic of the sweet, baby boy wearing the sweater. I have permission to share this photo, and I am super-excited to show how much cuter the sweater actually looks when worn by such an adorable, little person as this wee Elfling. Awwwwwe! ❤

Inspired to Abundance 2014 – #1

The sum to spend is $20:

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (vanilla)

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (chocolate)

$5.00 – pint of organic raspberries

$5.00 – bag of marshmallows

It’s not hard at all to spend $20, so I’ve “used” it for a bunch of sundae stuff for my family.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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Deodorant Scents for the Holidays

Deo Trio

While making a batch of my cream deodorant this past weekend, I decided to “play” with some of my organic, scented/flavoured oils (not my organic EOs, these are designed for scenting soaps and lip balms, etc.), and whipped-up a few “holiday” scents. I came up with: Pumpkin Chai (this one smells similar to the Starbucks Pumpkin Chai Latte; I’ve been told it’s reminiscent of spiced rice pudding with warm soy milk; it’s yummy!); Maple Sugar (this one is a creamy-sweet, with a subtle maple scent); Caramel Banana (this one is a creamy, vanilla-caramel, with an authentic, subtle banana note); Gingerbread (this one smells like gingerbread cookie dough, and my Elflings are in love with it!). Honestly, it’s a lot of fun making these deodorant creams, and I love to switch it up a bit by making seasonal scents. It keeps things interesting. ♥

All of my organic, cream deodorants can be found here: Veggiewitch on Etsy