Inspired to Abundance 2014 – #1

The sum to spend is $20:

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (vanilla)

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (chocolate)

$5.00 – pint of organic raspberries

$5.00 – bag of marshmallows

It’s not hard at all to spend $20, so I’ve “used” it for a bunch of sundae stuff for my family.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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Here there be Ravens!

Raven Ink

I’ve done it again! I had a little bat named Batty on my left scapula, that I had done 15 years ago. It was my very first tattoo, but it was looking very faded and awful, so I decided to get him covered over on November 1. The artist, Rick, who did the cover-up, came up with the concept above. I love it! His name is Poe, and I will eventually get the word “Nevermore” added between my shoulder blades, but I think I’ll wait until the New Year for that…