Inspired to Abundance 2014 – #1

The sum to spend is $20:

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (vanilla)

$5.00 – organic coconut milk ice cream (chocolate)

$5.00 – pint of organic raspberries

$5.00 – bag of vegan marshmallows

It’s not hard at all to spend $20, so I’ve “used” it for a bunch of sundae stuff for my family.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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Here there be Ravens!

Raven Ink

I’ve done it again! I had a little bat named Batty on my left scapula, that I had done 15 years ago. It was my very first tattoo, but it was looking very faded and awful, so I decided to get him covered over on November 1. The artist, Rick, who did the cover-up, came up with the concept above. I love it! His name is Poe, and I will eventually get the word “Nevermore” added between my shoulder blades, but I think I’ll wait until the New Year for that…

Zombie Mermaid

Zombie Mermaid

Last week I went for my latest tattoo, a Zombie Mermaid. I love it! It’s healing right now, and driving me mental, but it’s all worth it for wonderful ink. Woot!


Time for Tea


This was such wonderful tea! It was berry and hibiscus, and smelled so sweet and fruity with a gorgeous floral note. It tasted just as gorgeous as its colour. Stunning and memorable.