Twig and Berries

Saskatoon Berries

Not that kind!

There’s a great series of pathways by where we live, and while walking through them this Summer, we found a whole whack of saskatoonberry bushes. In all honesty, I’d never had saskatoonberries before. I know, right! Where have I been? At any rate, we picked a few small bags full, and enjoyed many of them on our walk home.


Day 26 ~ An Old Photo of Me

My Opa and I - Spring 1974

This photo is of me and my maternal Opa/Granddad – Spring 1974

Day 26 ~ An old photo of me:

Once again, here is that photo of myself and my Opa from when I was 18-months old. Seeing as I’m 41, this photo qualifies as old. ;0)

31-Day Blog Challenge

Day 17 ~ Most Proud Moment

Evil Me

Day 17 ~ Most proud moment:

It is so hard to pick just one, because there are many accomplishments I am proud of in my life. Outside of naturally birthing two singletons and a set of twins, I am over the moon with kicking booze to the curb five-years ago, putting my life back together, eating better, eating a more plant-based diet, getting healthy, and adding actual exercise to my life. It feels absurdly awesome to feel so good. ♥

31-Day Blog Challenge

Fauna in our Garden


My youngest Elfling spied this Dragonfly today, and promptly called me to where she was. She knows I’ve been trying to snap a photo of one, and each time I’ve missed my opportunity. This is the best shot I got today. It’s lovely, but I will keep trying for a photo that is not blurry. ;0)

Mama Robin

This Mama Robin was poking around the base of our crabapple tree. I love that she’s looking at me, but she hasn’t taken off. I’m keeping my distance, because I really don’t want to frighten her.

Papa Robin

Here is Papa Robin. He was rooting around under our deck. He’s looking right at me, too. They are such a beautiful pair. ♥