Samhain 2013 Pics

We had an awesome Samhain this year! My Elflings and I designed and carved the pumpkin, and made 40 wicked treat bags for the kids. Sadly, we only had 33 beggars at our door, but I guess that’s up from the 10-15 this area had last year. Woot!

My middle Elfling, Metatron, set her alarm for 04:00 to start her make-up for… the Terminator! She totally rocked this, and I’m thinking she has a definite future in FX! :0)

Another, closer view of Metatron’s incredible Terminator make-up art.

My youngest, Bean, loves the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, so she decided that’s what her costume would be. She’s lucky I can sew! We hit Value Village,  where I found an old, tweed blazer and some brown, faux suede curtains. Voilà! She is the Mother of Dragons!

My next little Elfling, Momo, wanted to be Skelita Calaveras from Monster High, and although it was easy to find the costume, the wig was a greater challenge, In the end we did find it, which made her day, as well as mine. I’m not super-skilled in the make-up department, but we pulled off the sugar skull look reasonably well. ;0)

My Khaleesi and Skelita cuties posing in the light of our bathroom.

Here they are in a nearby mall, where we went to trick or treat.


Spoiler Alert!

Nina Tied-up

I feel super-bad about not being very present with my beloved Veggiewitch Blog. I’ve been tied-up with: moving my Mama into her suite (which is awesome, by the way, and she is settling-in nicely); looking for a bigger house for us all to live comfortably (which we have also found, and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will likely move into in January 2013); Homeschooling my Elflings (grades 3 and 9 FTW!); trying to honour my daily posting challenge on Mouldylocks (365 Days of Awesome is harder than I thought!); and I’ve also managed a little bit of crafting for my “witchy” little business (diversification with a kinder, gentler, veg-friendly edge). The following are a few spoilers for things I’ll add to my shop on Etsy, Veggiewitch Designs.

Veggiewitch's Lip Balm Spoiler

I was getting frustrated with the number of lovely lip balm options that I just didn’t want because of beeswax in them, so this is my interpretation. Pretty simple, really, but it has no beeswax at all, and hasn’t been tested on any animals… other than myself and my Elflings. ♥

Veggiewitch's Roll-on Deodorant Spoiler

I got some really great feedback on my cream deodorant. Thank you to everyone who participated in the trials. As a result, I have perfected and finalized the formula, which is now totally stable and completely minimizes the amount of waste (no more stirring!) in the prototype. As well, I have a roll-on version, which many prefer for it’s ease and mess-free application.

Veggiewitch's Whipped Body Butter Spoiler

This body butter is something I’ve been playing around with for a bit. Our skin gets so dried-out here, especially in the Winter (super-cold, forced-air furnace, dry climate…), and I wanted something that would work and last. This is it! A little goes a lo-ooooo-ong way.