There are so many places to see! 

The sum to spend is $50,000:

$18,500 – Return Airfare to Udaipur, India, for 8 People

$2,500 – Villa Rental for a Month

$21,000 – Food, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Transportation, Tips, Etc.


With a bonus sum of $50,000 at the ready, I would take my whole Family to Udaipur, India, for a month, with the intention of visiting the Kumbhalgarh Ruins and see the Great Wall of India. There are so many places I want to see, and India is one of them.

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Day 16 ~ The Top of My Bucket List

Sand Bucket

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Day 16 ~ The top of my Bucket List:

At the very top of my Bucket List is a strong desire to see the rest of the world. I really want to travel, and would especially love to do it with my Family. There are so many places I want and need to see, and historic locations in Europe are the first of my lengthy list of dream destinations. I want to make peace with my keening demons, and sit quietly in a field somewhere in Germany, where I can lay my anguish over atrocities to rest. I want to reconnect with my ancestry of blacksmiths and sword-smiths, and smell the ancient soot with my own nose. I want to free my soul among the ruins of stone, and see what my forebears saw. History belongs to all of us, and there is so much we can learn if we are willing to listen to the echoes that have passed.

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