Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Mid-Point Recap

So many feelings bump around in my head as I make my way through my Inspired to Abundance exercise. The following feelings are the most prominent:

  • excitement
  • elation
  • confusion
  • relief
  • uncertainty

It feels so good to really get into this exercise, and I’ve made it further along this time around than I did both previous times I’d attempted it.

If you have been considering taking a stab at the Inspired to Abundance Exercisebut haven’t made time for it, I seriously recommend you give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

xo VW ❤

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Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 8

Seeing as Sum 6 went to learning to drive and a learner’s license, I’d bloody well better get a car!

The sum to spend is $25,000:

$18,000 – Used Toyota Prius (2012 or newer) in TARDIS Blue

$6,000 – 1-Year of Insurance Paid in Advance (appx. $500/month)

$1,000 – 1-Year of Gas Money (appx. $83/month)


∴  If I had an extra $50,000 laying around, I’d sink it into a decent, eco-responsible car. I’d love to have a car, honestly. I’ve “opted out” of having a car for many years, because I  really didn’t want to be part of the drain on fossil fuels. Another reason, was because I’ve been afraid of driving in a big city with so many road rules and crazy people zipping around like they’re mental. By that logical observation, I really don’t see why I shouldn’t also be zipping around, and with the many mental cases currently possessing a license and driving a car, I would very easily fit in. That, and if they can get a license, I could probably get one, too.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 7

The Universe knows that I am doing my best, but if I had the resources to offer my Mum a better bed to be in, I absolutely would.

The sum to spend is $10,000:

$7,000 – Adjustable Long-term Care Bed Frame

$3,000 – Pressure Sensitive Mattress


∴ It’s wonderful to imagine the possibilities if resources were not a concern. My Mum is bedridden, and has been for one whole year, so I’d absolutely use an extra $10,000 to upgrade her bed. She has a “loaner” hospital bed right now, but if I could get her one similar to the pressure sensitive, automatically adjusting, high-tech beds like in the hospital for bedridden patients, it would be feel so great to be able to do that for her.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 


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Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 6

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It really is time to look seriously at getting my driver’s license.

The sum to spend is $5000:

$3,600 – Driver’s Training Courses for 4 People

$400 – Learner’s License Exams & Cards for 4 People

$600 – Dyson DC66 Animal Upright Vacuum

$200 – KitchenAid® 4.5-Quart Bowls x 4

$80 – KitchenAid® Wire Whip Attachment x 4

$60 – KitchenAid® 6-Speed Hand Mixer

$60 – KitchenAid® Stainless Steel Turbo Beaters


∴ If I had an extra $5,000 laying around, I would first take myself and three of my most important family members for Driver’s Training courses, then cover the costs of the written exams and the Learner’s Licenses. With what was left, I would replace my Dyson vacuum with an updated model, then invest in a few more pieces of KitchenAid® equipment to make baking and business production more efficient.

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

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| Dyson and KitchenAid® Photos via Bed, Bath & Beyond |

| Dyson and KitchenAid® Photos via Bed, Bath & Beyond |