Day 17 ~ Most Proud Moment

Evil Me

Day 17 ~ Most proud moment:

It is so hard to pick just one, because there are many accomplishments I am proud of in my life. Outside of naturally birthing two singletons and a set of twins, I am over the moon with kicking booze to the curb five-years ago, putting my life back together, eating better, ditching meat and dairy for a vegan diet, getting healthy, and adding actual exercise to my life. It feels absurdly awesome to feel so good. ♥

31-Day Blog Challenge


Day 12 ~ What’s In My Fridge?

In My Fridge

Day 12 ~ What’s in my fridge?:

I have many of the same things in my fridge as you all have in yours, like: milks (mine are all soy, almond or coconut); soy sauce; ACV (apple cider vinegar); maple syrup; bread; lemons; limes; grapefruit; oranges; Daiya (vegan cheese alternative); yeast; leftovers; oils; onions; carrots; celery; kale; lettuce; broccoli; cashew “cheese” pâté; and a few other bits and bobs I haven’t mentioned. Mischief managed!

31-Day Blog Challenge

Day 2 ~ 20 Facts About Me

No Way Me

Day – 2 ~ 20 facts about me:

  1. I don’t have a car.
  2. I like tattoos.
  3. My favorite T.V. shows are: Supernatural, X-Files, Dexter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones
  4. My favorite movies are: Lord of the Rings, Alien, Star Wars, To Wong Foo, Gran Torino
  5. I’m a vegan.
  6. I am currently 40-years old.
  7. I have never been married.
  8. I have four children.
  9. I am Canadian.
  10. I don’t say “eh.”
  11. I used to live in São Paulo, Brazil.
  12. I’ve been to Manaus, albeit briefly.
  13. I love languages, and speak Portuguese, German, and a little French.
  14. I love to knit.
  15. I love to cook.
  16. I’m great at doing the laundry, but I suck at folding it.
  17. I Homeschool my kids.
  18. I’m a middle-aged punk.
  19. I love baking with my kids.
  20. I have a short temper with incompetence.

31-Day Blog Challenge

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic

31-Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic:

My Name is Denise, but I respond to Mom, Miss Boss, and Veggiewitch. I’m a Mother, Artist, Activist, and Champion of Freaks. My Mister and I have been eating a fruit and veggie-based, vegan diet since 01/01/2012, and we are raising our children this way, too. My favourite question about eating a vegan diet is: “So where do you get your protein from, then?” My response is always the same: “I get my protein from the same place as the largest land animals (elephants, giraffe, great apes, rhinoceros, bison, etc.) get theirs from, green foods.” I like challenges, and I’ll be doing this 31-Day Blog Challenge during the month of August. Care to join me? :0)

31-Day Blog Challenge