Day 12 ~ What’s In My Fridge?

In My Fridge

Day 12 ~ What’s in my fridge?:

I have many of the same things in my fridge as you all have in yours, like: milks (mine are all soy, almond or coconut); soy sauce; ACV (apple cider vinegar); maple syrup; bread; lemons; limes; grapefruit; oranges; Daiya (vegan cheese alternative); yeast; leftovers; oils; onions; carrots; celery; kale; lettuce; broccoli; cashew “cheese” pâté; and a few other bits and bobs I haven’t mentioned. Mischief managed!

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Mean Green Juice 101

Mean Green Juice

The juice I drink most (and by most I mean every single day) is the Mean Green Juice, inspired by the documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” by Joe Cross.

Mean Green Juice

While I watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” I took loads of notes. The most important notes I took were for the Mean Green juice. According to the documentary, the ingredients are: kale, cucumber, celery, green apples, a lemon, and a knob of ginger. I’ve adapted that recipe to something I really enjoy. This is a bonus, since it’s my “go to” juice for daily ingestion. My ingredients are fresh, organic: leafy kale, black/dino kale, rainbow chard, cucumbers, celery, apples, pears, oranges, a lemon, and a knob of ginger. Give it it a try. Enjoy! ❤


Natural Body Icing, 2 oz

I’m so excited about this body butter, and it came about as a way for me to help my daughter! My eldest Elfling has super-sensitive skin, but she also has some pretty questionable things in her cosmetic bag. In an effort to help her out with her dry hands and skin, yet keep it gentle, I tinkered around with some beneficial butters and oils. My first batch was a definite education, but I kept on going. The final product is a silky whip, that begins to melt on contact and leaves your skin soft and smooth, it also bears a delicious note of chocolate (from the the organic, fair-trade theobroma cacao). She loves it, and is surprisingly difficult to please (Oy vey!). My mother-in-law loves it, too! She’s been putting the cream on her face for about a week, and I can see a definite reduction in the wrinkles around her eyes, as well as restored elasticity in her cheeks. It’s super exciting! ♥

Samhain/Halloween Cookies


We had so much fun yesterday! It’s been really cold, and we’d decided to forgo trick or treating based on the weather, and the fact that the treats they’d get would neither be vegan nor organic. Because of the cold, it was a great opportunity to turn on the oven and bake our little, black hearts out. ♥


My favourite sugar cookie recipe calls for sour cream, so I tweaked it with a substitution of coconut cream instead (thank goodness, it worked!), and we made a bunch of Samhain/Halloween shapes.


Here are a bunch just going into the oven.Yummy! They smelled so good. ♥


A few little scraps leftover.


I was so sick of making cookies by the end of it, but each one was worth it. ♥


Creativity rules when we decorated them in classic colours: white, black, orange, green and purple. Cookies FTW!