Knitting Bug

I have been knitting up a storm lately, and I really like it! Mostly baby things, but that’s because they’re cute and quick to knit.

My mister is so silly, because he said it makes him nervous when I knit  baby things. LOL!

Seriously, I have no less than 6 friends who have either just had babies, or they’re newly pregnant.

I also have heaps of gorgeous colorways by Mosaic Moon in my stash, so having lovely reasons to knit garments from neglected skeins suits me just fine.

I’m so happy to have this recent knitting bug!


Inspired to Abundance 2016 – Sum 3

| Photo via Google |

| Photo via Google |

The sum to spend is $500:

$450 – Deadpool Knife Block

$50 – Expedited Shipping to ME


∴ If I had an extra $500 laying around, I’d source out one of these awesome Deadpool knife blocks. What a perfect place to keep my knives! Right in the head of my favourite anti-hero!

Ok, I have no idea if I could get one of these for $500 or less, but I’m shit at making things like this. Give me some yarn and I’ll knit you a suit, but that’s about as crafty as I get. I’m pretty sure I might be able to pay someone $500 to make this for me, though. *nudge nudge*

Inspired to Abundance Exercise 

Day 17 ~ Most Proud Moment

Evil Me

Day 17 ~ Most proud moment:

It is so hard to pick just one, because there are many accomplishments I am proud of in my life. Outside of naturally birthing two singletons and a set of twins, I am over the moon with kicking booze to the curb five-years ago, putting my life back together, eating better, ditching meat and dairy for a vegan diet, getting healthy, and adding actual exercise to my life. It feels absurdly awesome to feel so good. ♥

31-Day Blog Challenge

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic

31-Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Day 1 ~ Intro and Recent Pic:

My Name is Denise, but I respond to Mom, Miss Boss, and Veggiewitch. I’m a Mother, Artist, Activist, and Champion of Freaks. My Mister and I have been eating a fruit and veggie-based, vegan diet since 01/01/2012, and we are raising our children this way, too. My favourite question about eating a vegan diet is: “So where do you get your protein from, then?” My response is always the same: “I get my protein from the same place as the largest land animals (elephants, giraffe, great apes, rhinoceros, bison, etc.) get theirs from, green foods.” I like challenges, and I’ll be doing this 31-Day Blog Challenge during the month of August. Care to join me? :0)

31-Day Blog Challenge