Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”


Nikola Tesla was and still is a true genius. He still teaches us to this day.

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Nikolas Tesla

Nikolas Tesla

Designer, creator, inventor, problem solver, solution finder, all of those/us, and even more, can find great inspiration in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. We aren’t the genius he is-me especially, but there is a kernel of truth, or two, for all of us to take away.

It’s absolutely amazing to try and comprehend the power and genius of Tesla. Even more so when you find out he had very few notes on anything. His mind would go to work and the ideas would apparently ferment and then come to life in experimentation and application. No idea was too crazy-apparently.

I meant to post this yesterday but I went a little deeper than I thought I would, and kept finding even more interesting stuff and pics. I even put together a few photo essays over on my Tumblr, what a great vehicle for visual blogging by…

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Let’s Get Vegan on the Tonight Show!


It would be awesome to get actual vegan food(s) on the Tonight Show, and help Hollywood see how absurd it is to perpetuate the myth that it’s not tasty to avoid meat, dairy, and animal byproducts. **fingerscrossed**

I really hope you achieve this! #vegan4life

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I’ve seen veganism negatively stereotyped on TV many times. The latest hit was on the Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon joked about feeling sorry for the spouses of vegetarians because they’d have to eat yam-burgers. It was about vegetarians, not vegans, but I think the public lumps us all together.

I couldn’t find Fallon’s statement online, but I did find this:


No wonder people assume that vegan food is crappy – that’s what the media is selling! Vegans know differently, but it’s hard to compete with Hollywood.

Or maybe we can…

Celeb plant-based chef known for The Great Food Truck Race and owner of Seabirds Kitchen, Stephanie Morgan, and I want to get on the Tonight Show and blow Fallon’s socks off with amazing vegan food.

Here’s a photo of the lovely Stephanie.


Celeb chef and owner of Seabirds Kitchen, Stephanie Morgan

But we need your help!

We need BUZZ to for this to fly. So let’s make some…

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Objectification of breastfeeding women


Yes, yes, and yes…

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Objectification of women is one the most prominent subjects in feminism.  To objectify means to treat as a thing as opposed to a being. Most people are familiar with sexual objectification of women that is treating women as objects, things, toys for sexual gratification.  A woman exists as a sum of her body parts, not a whole being with thoughts, wishes, feelings, and ultimately dignity.  Sexual objectification is often used to sell products.

Objectification of women

Examples of sexual objectification of women in commercial advertising

Very little if anything is said about objectification of breastfeeding women in medicine, feminism, and breastfeeding advocacy.  Objectification of breastfeeding women is very easy to pinpoint.

When you equate “a woman nursing a child” to “milk” that is when you substitute a substance for a woman, you are objectifying a breastfeeding woman.

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