Deodorant Scents for the Holidays

Deo Trio

While making a batch of my cream deodorant this past weekend, I decided to “play” with some of my organic, scented/flavoured oils (not my organic EOs, these are designed for scenting soaps and lip balms, etc.), and whipped-up a few “holiday” scents. I came up with: Pumpkin Chai (this one smells similar to the Starbucks Pumpkin Chai Latte; I’ve been told it’s reminiscent of spiced rice pudding with warm soy milk; it’s yummy!); Maple Sugar (this one is a creamy-sweet, with a subtle maple scent); Caramel Banana (this one is a creamy, vanilla-caramel, with an authentic, subtle banana note); Gingerbread (this one smells like gingerbread cookie dough, and my Elflings are in love with it!). Honestly, it’s a lot of fun making these deodorant creams, and I love to switch it up a bit by making seasonal scents. It keeps things interesting. ♥

All of my organic, cream deodorants can be found here: Veggiewitch on Etsy


Day 19 ~ What I Collect


Day 18 ~ What I collect:

I collect a few things, but I have a rather large collection (ok, it’s actually a horde) of wool from when I was knitting soakers for babies, sweaters, seasonal clothing, and commissions for friends, family, and customers. I love to knit for friends, family, and customers. Here are two things I have on the needles now:

All Hallows and Yoda WIPs

I’m also in the process of indulging a new obsession of collecting tattoos! Like this one, my LOTR-based script, “Not all those who wander lost,” tattoo.

My LOTR Tattoo

The cutest tattoo I will likely ever have, Baby Cthulhu.

Baby Cthulhu

Watch out for the Beast of Caerbannog!

Beast of Caerbannog

And my most beautiful tattoo, Elsa Lanchester, as The Bride of Frankenstein.

Bride of Frankenstein

31-Day Blog Challenge

Day 11 ~ 15 of My Favourite Things

favourite things

Day 11 ~ 15 of my favourite things:

  1. my tattoos
  2. my knitting
  3. my pottery collection
  4. my yoga mat
  5. my runners
  6. my garden
  7. my laptop
  8. my iPad
  9. my red, “Devil Pig” piggy bank
  10. my bed
  11. my home
  12. my electric blue Kitchen Aid mixer
  13. my Breville juicer
  14. my red pair and my black pair of Converse sneakers
  15. my funky, witchy collection of purses and bags

31-Day Blog Challenge