Still no place for racists in Valhalla

I absolutely, 100% agree with blog post. Well-stated!
/standing up to cheer



When I wrote my blogpost No place for racists in Valhalla, I had no idea it was going to cause such massive controversy. It’s been a few months now, and still people are having heated discussions about this blogpost. I think that is great – the foundation of democracy and freedom of speach is that people voice their opinions. However, many seem to miss a crucial point: I did not write that there are no place for racists in Valhalla because I don’t like racism. I wrote it because it is incorrect to add a «race factor» to that belief system. Sure, the internet educated people can pull that Heimdal myth on me, but when they do, they’re just telling me they haven’t really got the point. And maybe they should look more into how your skin would appear after a few years if it was your job to light…

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